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31 mei 2024

How to work freelance as an expat in the Netherlands

Are you considering starting your freelance/ contractor career in the Netherlands? Navigating a new country’s legal and administrative complexities can be challenging, but with the proper support, you can transition smoothly and successfully. Dutch Employer of Record can be the support that you need. Whether you are relocating to seek new opportunities or a spouse’s job, working as a freelancer in the Netherlands is feasible and highly rewarding.

Required work permits in the Netherlands

You might be wondering how you can legally work and reside in the Netherlands while continuing to work for an employer outside the EU. Typically, non-EU citizens need residence and work permits to work in the Netherlands. These permits ensure you are legally authorised to live and work in the country. Understanding and obtaining the necessary permits is critical in establishing your freelance career in the Netherlands.

Self-employed professionals or freelancers with valid passports from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland can work in the Netherlands without a work permit.

How can Dutch Employer of Record help?

This is where our expertise becomes invaluable. We specialise in assisting freelancers and remote workers legally and efficiently navigate the Dutch employment landscape. Our services are designed to simplify the process, handling everything from obtaining permits to ensuring compliance with local regulations. As your intermediary, we ensure that all necessary contracts and documents are in place, allowing you to focus on your work without legal concerns.

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a company that employs workers on behalf of another company, often based in a different country. The EOR handles all employment-related matters, such as payroll, contracts, and insurance. This arrangement allows you to work remotely from the Netherlands for any company worldwide while fully covered by Dutch employee benefits. Also, the Dutch Employer of Record has local experts who can assist you with the administrative and legal complexities when going remote.

Additional benefits of using an EOR

One significant advantage of working with an Employer of Record in the Netherlands is the comprehensive coverage you receive. This includes intellectual property protection, tax compliance, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and the 30% tax ruling.

Intellectual property protection implies that inventors, designers, developers, and authors can protect the ideas they have developed, for instance, through copyright or patents. The aim is to prevent others from wrongly profiting from their creations or inventions.

NDAs are legally enforceable contracts that create a confidential relationship between a person with sensitive information and who will gain access to that information.

The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax facility that allows 30% of your gross salary to be paid tax-free. This is particularly advantageous for highly skilled workers relocating to the Netherlands. Our team can assess your eligibility for this ruling and guide you through the application process to ensure you maximise your benefits.

Working remotely for a foreign company

Working remotely from the Netherlands for a company based in another country is feasible and beneficial. This arrangement offers advantages for both the employee and the employer, enabling you to work in your desired location while remaining employed by your company. Additionally, it eliminates the need for your employer to establish a new entity in the Netherlands. When you partner with the Dutch Employer of Record, we ensure compliance with Dutch and international regulations.

We will set everything up for you

Our mission is to facilitate your transition to working in the Netherlands, handling all the legal and administrative details so you can concentrate on your professional endeavours. Whether you aim to maintain your current job remotely or embark on a new freelance career, our services provide the support you need to succeed. Contact us and let the Dutch adventure begin!

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