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Welcome to the Netherlands! Whether you are branching out into the Dutch market or starting up your new business in the Netherlands, the Dutch Employer of Record can help you hit the ground running.

Start up in The Netherlands

Starting up is exciting enough as it is and while your focus is directed to the most logical matters, such as premises, growth, etc., it is understandable to seek assistance with HR/Payroll, Dutch civil code, regulations, etc. Dutch Employer of Record has all the necessary experience and tools to help you get situated while your worries are trusted to DEoR’s professional team.


Expand to The Netherlands

While your focus lies in expanding your establishment to the Netherlands, Dutch Employer of Record’s is to take care of the onboarding of your employees and all of the administration that comes along with it.


How we work


Our fee includes all Costs of Employment and our fee. We have sufficient experience with the Dutch environment to calculate all costs upfront. The costs of your Dutch team will be completely predictable.


When you hire your team through us you are fully covered. Period.
We are externally audited every year to ensure full compliance. This audit (NEN-4400) legally indemnifies you from any exposure to Dutch taxes.


Our dashboards will provide you with tools to perform most tasks automatically. Our procedures are matured, well automated, and clearly explained step-by-step.

This all contributes to a seamless experience.


We know that our procedures are well-enough thought out so that there are only a few questions. We can therefore provide you with direct access to our HR and Payroll specialists for the questions that remain. No need to go through chatbots, FAQ, 1st line call centers. 

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