How to relocate your team to the Netherlands with ease

Are you looking to relocate your team to the Netherlands? The process can be daunting, but with the help of Dutch Employer of Record, it doesn’t have to be. We can help you with everything from setting up employment to qualifying for housing, and we’ll make sure that all the taxes and benefits are in order. So whether you’re looking to move your team or your whole business, we can make it happen!

We can help you with

  • Setting up payroll
  • Set up payment from your existing place of work
  • Find housing

Who is Dutch Employer of Record?

Dutch Employer of Record is a company that specializes in helping foreign companies relocate to the Netherlands. We can help with all the employment-related aspects of the move, from setting up the proper employment contracts to making sure that all taxes and benefits are in order. We’re also experts in Dutch immigration law, so we can help your team qualify for the proper housing. In short, we’ll make sure that everything is taken care of so that you can focus on what’s really important: getting settled into your new home.

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Help with setting-up payroll

As an Employer of Record specialized in the Netherlands, Dutch Employer of Record can be the intermediary and act as your local employer. This way you don’t need to go through all the hassle of setting up a payroll department in the Netherlands yourself. We’re 100% compliant with Dutch laws, so you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. We’ll also cover any IP, tax, NDA requirements, and anything else that your employer may require.

Help set up payment from your existing place of work

As an Employer of Record, we will be an intermediary and act as a supplier to your place of work. We will send invoices to cover your wages, taxes, and other expenses. For this service, we will ask our fee, which is a small percentage of the total cost.

We can help find housing

Housing is one of the most important aspects of relocating your team to a new country. After all, it’s where they will be spending the majority of their time! Unfortunately, housing can also be one of the most difficult things to sort out – especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

Housing in the Netherlands is hard to find, especially in Amsterdam. The good news is that expats are favored tenants. But the experience learns us, that expats struggle with submitting all employer info in time for a new lease.

Dutch Employer of Record will help prepare all documentation (as we will act as your employer), which will increase the chances of being picked as tenant drastically. We have a wealth of experience in finding housing for our clients. We’ll work with you to figure out your specific needs and preferences, and then do our best to find the perfect place for you to call home.

We make it very easy for you

If you’re looking for help with setting up payroll, finding housing, or any other aspect of relocating your team to the Netherlands, contact us, we can make it very easy for you! We’re 100% compliant with Dutch law, and we’ll take care of any IP, tax, NDA requirements that your employer may have. Dutch Employer of Record got you covered!

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