Employee Cost Calculator

Are you debating whether to hire an employee outside of your base country? Are you worried about the cost? Maybe a little since you’re not entirely sure what is included in the price? We can absolutely understand your feelings.

Making an international hire can be a bit daunting, with all of the rules and regulations. Yet, if you want to move forward with your international business goals or are just looking to expand abroad, you’ll probably want to hire an employee in that particular country. To help you on your way to hire an employee in the Netherlands, you can use the Employee Cost Calculator.

Key takeaways of the calculator

  • Get an exact quote beforehand
  • Includes all taxes and contributions
  • Directly know what will fit in your budget
employee cost calculator
employee cost calculator
employee cost calculator
employee cost calculator

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Employee Cost Calculator for the Netherlands

    Calculations are estimated figures based on the Dutch taxation and compliance costs. The net payment and employer contribution may change based on an employee’s personal data.