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Want to hire employees in the Netherlands remotely? We have all the infrastructure in place to compliantly process all paperwork, this way your new candidate can work for you in the Netherlands. Dutch Employer of Record is the EOR specialist in the Netherlands, we will take care of the hassle, so you and your Dutch employee can focus on the content of your job. Let’s make this process quick, easy and complaint!

Are you not an employer, but an employee who wants to work remotely in the Netherlands? Visit this page.

Read below what we do and in which occasions it can be helpful.

  • We can compliantly hire your new employee on your behalf, and assign them to your exclusive service.
  • We will enforce compliance with tax, pensions, local labor laws etcetera. By partnering with us, a specialist familiar with the Dutch market, you can trust adherence to all requirements to Dutch standards.
  • By selecting us, you are shielded from any Dutch tax claims. We are NEN4400 certified, which means that we can be relied on to comply fully. By selecting us as your partner, you are deemed to have fulfilled your compliance obligations to the tax authority. You are therefore exempt from any claims regarding your employees.
  • We will keep track of all paperwork, you keep your eye on the business. Entrust the EOR with payroll and benefits management, ensuring accurate and timely payments for remote employees without navigating complex financial intricacies which leads to satisfied employees

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Example 1: You are expanding business operation

You are a multinational corporation expanding its operations into the Netherlands and you have found your first pioneer(s) in the Netherlands who will establish a bridgehead. However, the legal infrastructure is not yet in place. We can provide this infrastructure, so the team can start operations as soon as possible. We will provide services and infrastructure.

Example 2: You want to hire someone in the Netherlands

You are hiring an employee based in the Netherlands for a remote position. The employee wants to stay in the Netherlands. Using our service this can be achieved in a few working days.

This is how it works

The company opts to engage the services of an Employer of Record (EOR) to streamline the process. Dutch Employer of Record becomes the employer of record for the Dutch professional, ensuring full compliance with Dutch employment laws. This strategic move not only facilitates the seamless integration of the professional into the company but also demonstrates a commitment to legal compliance and efficient global workforce management. By doing so, the company ensures compliance with Dutch laws, simplifies the employment process, and eliminates the need for a permanent establishment in the Netherlands. The ideal way to employ a professional remotely.

Why you choose for Dutch Employer of Record

We are the go-to employer of record for the Netherlands, a specialist for the Dutch market. We are uniquely Dutch in our geographic focus and expertise and also uniquely international in our client focus and service offering. Dutch Employer of Record will identify and apply any applicable obligations to your situation.

Furthermore, we ensure compliance. Dutch Employer of Record is NEN4400 certified. This means that our compliance with Dutch regulations is certified. This indemnifies your organization from any exposure to tax arrears in the Netherlands. We employ your Dutch team and onboard them in minutes on your behalf and take care of all regulatory requirements and constraints.

Questions along the way? You are in direct contact with English-speaking payroll and HR professionals, they are happy to help you.

Let’s hire in The Netherlands remotely

If you’re interested in hiring remotely from the Netherlands, we can help you make it happen. Set up a profile or contact Sarah today to find out more!

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