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If you (are starting to) work in the Netherlands, you may want to enroll in employment with the Dutch Employer of Record.  

Invoicing for your services is also an option, but only allowed if your #1 customer accounts for a max of 70% of your income, and you should have 2 additional customers that account for at least 10% each.  

If you (are starting to) work for 1 client exclusively, enrolling with the Dutch Employer of Record may be a good option. It saves you from registering with the Dutch tax authority and automatically covers you for employee insurance. (paid leave, sick pay, etc..). We’ll calculate the applicable fees and make sure all taxes are paid. We’ll save your clients the hassle of permanent establishment and the risk of misclassification. 

How we work

Please get us in touch with the person who hired you. We’ll explain the details and sort out any requirements from the corporate or purchasing departments. We’ll provide you with a proper employment contract according to Dutch law. Your client will receive a quote for the cost of your wages and we will sort invoicing out with them.

Direct access to experts

You’ll get direct access by telephone to our payroll experts. No 1st line helpdesk, no chatbots. Your queries will be resolved directly.

In your own language

English speaking specialists.


You will not have any more administrative responsibilities. We’ve got you covered.

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