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Are you setting up a team in the Netherlands and would you like to hit the ground running? Contact the Dutch Employer of Record!

To sponsor immigration of your team, to apply for visas and arrange work permits you need to set up a local Dutch employer. Or you can use our infrastructure. We will act as a formal employer, while you retain full control. As employer, we can also help qualify for hard-to-find housing.

How we work

Provide us with the names and contact details of the candidates and we’ll take care of everything. Your employee will be paid via our payroll. They can contact us directly for all HR & Payroll matters. 

You will receive a quote for the monthly costs beforehand. After onboarding, you will get a monthly invoice that covers remuneration, taxes, insurance and all other costs. Invoices are paid through direct debit, and we’ll likely ask for a deposit. 

As the employees are formally on our payroll, we can apply for the 30% ruling, and we provide references for renting or buying a place to live. We actively track new housing opportunities and help our clients submit.

  • Direct access to English speaking experts 
  • Your team will be fully covered by Dutch social security
  • Seasoned sparring partners 
  • Your HR and CFO will be happy

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Tooling and knowledge for a seamless experience

The Dutch Employer of Record will provide quick and easy onboarding and updates.
Additionally, our HR and Payroll experts are available to advise on proper reimbursement and benefits. The combination provides a seamless experience for your Dutch team.

If any specific situation comes up, e.g. illness of an employee, the employer must manage absence and re-integration. The Dutch Employer-of-Record will take care of this seamlessly.

We have all the relevant tooling and specialists available to cover all requirements e.g. the UWV (the Employee Insurances Authority).

Why Dutch Employer of Record?

Direct access to english speaking experts 
Your employee(s) will get direct access by telephone to our HR and payroll experts. No 1st line helpdesk, no chatbots. Your queries will be resolved directly.

Seasoned sparring partners 
Seasoned sparring partners for your HR to discuss the local implementation of benefits and HR policies.

Your team will be fully covered by Dutch social security
Employees can participate in our pension scheme, and are insured versus accidents and healthcare costs.

Your terms of employment translated and integrated
Your policies, terms, and benefits will be integrated into the contracts of your Dutch team.

Your HR and CFO will be happy
Compliancy under Dutch labour law is guaranteed by us, as is our quote for the monthly employment costs.

Starting up in The Netherlands?

Are you starting up in the Netherlands and hiring your first Dutch employee? It may be too soon for setting up your own HR department, see what the Dutch Employer of Record can do for you. Explore

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We can help you set up your team within 48 hours. Get started! Still have questions? Call Sarah. She has most of the answers.

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