Dutch Employer of Record as your payroll company

Are you a company that is looking to outsource their employee payroll, for instance to save time and resources? Or are you planning on opening a branch of your company in the Netherlands? In both of these and some more cases, a payroll company can be the solution you are looking for. Employer of Record in the Netherlands is here to help you out.

Dutch Employer of Record

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What is a payroll company?

A payroll company is a business that is specialized in handling various aspects of employee payroll and related human resources tasks for other companies. They are also known as a payroll service provider or payroll processing company. These companies offer services to help businesses manage their employee compensation and related financial obligations more efficiently and accurately. Payroll companies mostly offer a range of services, such as payroll processing, payroll reporting, tax withholding and employee self-service.

Key functions that are provided by a payroll company mostly contain payroll processing, tax compliance, employee benefits management, time and attendance tracking, employee self-service portals, reporting and compliance and HR support.

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The benefits of a payroll company

By outsourcing your employee payroll to a payroll company can offer numerous benefits to business of all sizes. Not only for businesses, also for the professional in question. Below re the most important ones listed:

  • Time-saving: you as the employer don’t have to do all the administrative tasks yourself
  • Remain strategic focus: outsourcing employee payroll allows business owners and managers to concentrate on strategic initiatives and core business functions
  • Cost-effective: no need for inhouse payroll staff or need to spend money on other associated overhead costs
  • Expertise and compliance: due to sole focus on employee payroll there is a lot of experience and compliance in the field
  • Minimizing errors: the use of specialized software and systems for payroll calculations minimizes errors
  • Data protection: payroll service providers invest in secure systems to protect sensitive employee information
  • Scalability: To accommodate changes in the size of your business, a payroll company can scale upward in case of growth or downwards in case of downsizing or seasonal fluctuations
  • Access to technology: When hiring an employee payroll company businesses are granted with access to the latest technology, features, and tools
  • Penalty avoidance: employee payroll providers can help businesses avoid penalties associated with late or inaccurate tax filings and non-compliance with labor laws
  • Consistency and reliability: payroll companies operate on a schedule, ensuring that payroll processes are completed on time

How Dutch Employer of Record can help you

Dutch Employer of Record as your payroll company processes all employee payroll on behalf of your organization, by hiring the professional. By employing the professional ourselves, we take over everything from salaries, deductions and taxes, to making sure that the employee payroll is compliant with federal, state, and local tax regulations.

Furthermore, employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits, can be administered and managed by us as well. As a part of our employee payroll service, we use tools and systems to track employee work hours and attendance. Also, employees can access their payroll information via our online portal.

Last but not least, as a payroll company Dutch Employer of Record relieves you of the burden of reporting and compliance, record keeping related to employee compensation. We also offer additional HR assistance, which include employee onboarding and HR compliance.

Your payroll company in the Netherlands

We can assist you and your business by fully taking over the payroll activities needed. This will be done by employing the professional ourselves, afterwards they will be outsourced. We will make sure that the employees are paid the right amount on time, that taxes are paid on time and business is compliant in the Netherlands. Moreover, we’ll take care of any IP, tax or NDA requirements that you might have. Whatever your payroll wishes or needs, Dutch Employer of Record can help!

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