Start up in The Netherlands

Are you starting up in the Netherlands and hiring your first Dutch employee? It may be too soon for setting up your own HR department, see what the Dutch Employer of Record can do for you.

How we work

See us as your external payroll and HR department for hire. You can focus on your business. We will keep all legal and fiscal matters in order.

You will receive an all-inclusive invoice that covers remuneration, taxes, and all other costs. Invoices are paid through direct-debit, if that is not possible we’ll ask for a deposit. Contact Sam for more info!

  • Direct access to experts 
  • We will keep track of all requirements
  • Seasoned sparring partners 

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We can help you set up your team within 48 hours.
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We’ll be thorough, so you can be quick

When you have a market to capture, or a PMC to verify, you need to move quickly, fail fast, take learnings and retry. This approach may be expensive when applied to HR and Payroll. The Dutch Employer of Record will help you keep your bases covered.

Our tooling will help you, onboard new team members, quickly and at your convenience. It will also ask you the necessary questions and has checks built-in.

Our experts will perform additional checks and will provide advice when necessary. They will also keep silent when possible.

Why Dutch Employer of Record?

Direct access to experts 
You’ll get direct access by telephone to our payroll experts. No 1st line helpdesk, no chatbots. Your queries will be resolved directly. 

We will keep track of all requirements
You will have much to manage in your start-up. Not HR and Payroll. That will be covered.

Your employees get clear answers in English
You won’t have to translate the UWV website for your employees.

Seasoned sparring partners 
We are experienced sparring partners who can help you set up benefits and HR policies.

Pensions included
Any mandatory pension or insurance can be provided by us.

Expanding into The Netherlands?

If you are considering expansion into the Netherlands, you’ll have to balance speed and compliance. With the Dutch Employer of Record, you can check off Payroll and HR from the to-do list. Explore

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We can help you set up your team within 48 hours. Get started! Still have questions? Call Sarah. She has most of the answers.

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