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1 december 2023

What actually is an IND sponsor?

If a non-EU/EEA employee or highly skilled migrant is going to be employed in the Netherlands, this employee most likely needs a sponsor. And by sponsor, we don’t mean only financial. There is a lot to being a recognized sponsor for the IND. Certain characteristics are needed to fulfill the role and in some cases you are simply not allowed to become a sponsor. Then, maybe an employer of record could be the solution. What an IND sponsor is, which characteristics are needed and how an employer of record in the Netherlands can step in as a sponsor is all explained below.

What is a sponsor for the Immigration and Naturalisation Service in the Netherlands?

In the context of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in the Netherlands, a sponsor is an individual or entity that supports and takes responsibility for a foreign national during their stay in the country. The sponsor plays a crucial role in various immigration procedures, including family reunification, work permits, or study visas. The role of a sponsor involves vouching for the foreign national and, in some cases, providing financial or logistical support.

What characteristics should you have to become an IND sponsor?

To be a sponsor for the IND, one should possess the following characteristics:

  • Legal Residency: Typically, sponsors are required to be legal residents or entities registered in the Netherlands. This ensures that they have a stable and lawful presence in the country.
  • Financial Stability: To be able to support the foreign national during their stay, sponsors should demonstrate financial stability. This may include providing financial guarantees or proof of sufficient income.
  • Relationship or Connection: Depending on the type of visa or residence permit, sponsors often have a pre-existing relationship with the foreign national. For example, a family member may sponsor a relative for family reunification, or an employer may sponsor an employee for a work permit.
  • Knowledge of Responsibilities: Sponsors should be aware of their legal responsibilities and obligations in supporting the foreign national. This includes ensuring that the individual complies with the terms of their visa or residence permit.
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How do you become an IND sponsor?

The process of becoming a sponsor for the IND in the Netherlands varies depending on the specific immigration category. For instance, you might want to become a sponsor for a family member for a family reunification or you are an employer who wants to sponsor an employee, such as a highly skilled migrant. In general, the steps in the process may include:

  • Identification of the relevant immigration category: Determine the specific immigration category under which sponsorship is required, such as family reunification, employment, or study.
  • Meeting the eligibility criteria: Ensure that you, as a sponsor, meet the eligibility criteria for the chosen immigration category. This may involve demonstrating financial stability, legal residency, and a relationship/connection with the foreign national.
  • Submitting the application: Complete and submit the required application forms and supporting documents to the IND. The application process can often be initiated online, and detailed instructions are typically provided on the IND website.
  • Wait for approval: Once the application is submitted, the IND will review the documentation and make a decision. The processing time may vary depending on the specific circumstances and immigration category.
  • Comply with obligations: If the sponsorship is approved, the sponsor is expected to comply with any obligations outlined by the IND, including financial support or other responsibilities associated with the specific immigration category.

You can not become an IND sponsor when:

While the specific eligibility criteria for becoming an Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) sponsor in the Netherlands may vary depending on the type of sponsorship (e.g., family reunification, employment, study), there are general circumstances under which an individual or entity may not be allowed to become a sponsor. Below are some common reasons when it might not be possible to become a sponsor.

  • If the potential sponsor has a criminal record, especially for offenses related to fraud, human trafficking, or other serious crimes.
  • If the sponsor cannot provide evidence of sufficient financial means, they may not be eligible to sponsor an individual.
  • Individuals who are residing in the Netherlands illegally or do not have the necessary legal status may not be eligible to become sponsors.
  • By providing false or misleading information during the sponsorship application process, it can lead to disqualification of the potential sponsor.
  • Depending on the type of sponsorship, sponsors may need to have a specific relationship with the foreign national (e.g., family ties, employment relationship). Failure to meet these relationship criteria can result in ineligibility.
  • In case of previous sponsorship violations or a history of non-compliance with immigration regulations, they may be restricted from sponsoring again.
  • If the IND has concerns about public safety or national security related to the potential sponsor, it may impact their eligibility.

An employer of record as a recognized sponsor

It’s important to note that the specific eligibility criteria and disqualification factors can vary based on the immigration category. Potential sponsors should carefully review the requirements for the specific type of sponsorship they are interested in and consult the latest guidelines provided by the IND in the Netherlands. Additionally, legal advice from immigration professionals can be valuable in navigating the complexities of the sponsorship process and understanding individual circumstances.

An Employer of Record (EOR) can play a crucial role in the immigration process, especially when it comes to obtaining a work visa or residence permit. In many countries, the immigration process involves having a recognized sponsor for the employee. An employer of record can step in as a recognized sponsor when the employer is looking to hire within the Netherlands without having a branch here.

In the context of the Netherlands and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), the role of a recognized sponsor is crucial for employers looking to hire non-EU/EEA employees. An Employer of Record (EOR) can function as a recognized sponsor for the IND by following specific procedures and fulfilling certain requirements. By functioning as a recognized sponsor for the IND, an Employer of Record facilitates the immigration process for non-EU/EEA employees, ensuring that the employer and the sponsored individuals comply with Dutch immigration laws and regulations. It’s essential for businesses to work closely with reputable EOR services to navigate the complexities of immigration and employment compliance.

If you are considering hiring employees or expanding your business in the Netherlands, there is a big chance that you will need a sponsor. Dutch Employer of Record can help you to navigate this process and even be your stand-in recognized sponsor. This saves you a lot of your time and energy, which you can pour back into your business. Dutch Employer of Record is the specialized Employer of Record in the Netherlands that can help in several areas, such as IND sponsorship. If you are looking for a sponsor or help with relocating your team, we are here for you. Get in touch to see how we can help you out!

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