Sponsorship, work visa, and housing for ex-students

You are almost at the end of your studies and are looking forward to some well-deserved time off. But after that, you might want to stay in The Netherlands to start your career. The idea is simple enough but jumping through all the hoops might feel like a study on its own. 

Dutch Employer of Record is here to help. We have over 12 years of experience in helping students make the transition to employment by taking care of the work visa, sponsorship, and even housing. To give you an idea of the steps that are involved we decided to write them out. We can help you every step of the way without any surprise fees and taxes. This way you know for a fact that you can stay in The Netherlands and chase your dreams.

It’s up to you to find a job, but as soon as the red tape starts appearing we’ll step in to help.

Step 1: We’ll discuss a collaboration proposal with your future employer where we will take care of payslips, tax payments, immigration, and more. 

We will check for compliance with CLA and other rules and will provide your boss with a quote for the total cost of employing you.  

Step 2: We need to receive your personal details

A name is a good place to start, but next to these documents, it should include a copy of your ID document (from your country of origin). 

Step 3: We will finalize the terms of employment and remuneration

Due to rules and regulations, your minimum wage requirement is €1725,00 (excluding holiday allowance) to get a work visa. 

Step 4: We apply for the necessary permits from the IND

During this step of the process we will have to know more about who we will be submitting the application for. It is solely for you or do you have an accompanying partner and/or child(ren)? Either way, we’re here to help you. One side note though, an antecedent certificate must be completed by you – that we cannot arrange for you unfortunately.

Step 5: Finding you a home

During the process we help you with the search for housing in The Netherlands. With access to about 1500-2500 houses annually we’re sure there will be a place just for you. We’ll help with reaching out to the right parties, filling out forms, gathering all necessary documents and applying for residency among other things.

Step 6: Dutch Employer of Record will keep in touch with the IND about the progress of the permits

For this step in the process a few weeks of lead time are expected. It is and always will be a governmental matter, and those can take some time.

Step 7: Finally Dutch Employer of Record will generate the employment contract after receiving the permits

During the final step in the process the hirer will sign the placement, as well as you signing the employment contract. And there it is, you are ready to start your career in The Netherlands.

Let’s get started!

All that is standing in the way of you jump-starting your career in the Netherlands is a work visa, sponsorship and housing. Yet, it does not have to be an obstacle. Dutch Employer of Record is here to help you with every step of the process. So you’ll be able to fully focus on your career and take it to great heights! Would you like more information on certain steps in this process or one of our other services that we provide? Do not hesitate and get in touch!

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