Setting up a Dutch branch

Your company is expanding to the Netherlands and the honor to set up this branch is bestowed upon you. That’s great. The company gave you a budget to make sure that first operations in The Netherlands are set up efficiently but compliantly. Most business functions can be set up without permanent establishment. Employment however is not among them. 

Luckily Dutch Employer of Record is here to help you out. With our 12 years of experience we have helped over 1000 expats with the necessary work permits, HR processes, payroll activities and even housing. This way they hit the ground – of the Low Lands – running.

To do so, there are a lot of steps to follow. Without the right guidance, these can be quite overwhelming. That is the reason we made a step-by-step guide below to get you started. We can help you every step of the way. This way you can get your Dutch branch set up quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the business itself.

Dutch Employer or Record

  • The specialist for the Dutch market
  • Direct contact with English-speaking payroll and HR professionals
  • Full-service HR & payroll agency to assist you
  • Onboard your Dutch team in minutes

Step 1: We’ll discuss the collaboration proposal with you as client and reach an agreement

We’ll start by explaining the applicable collective labor agreement set up in The Netherlands and the employee manual.

Step 2: You send the name and address details of your (prospective) team to the Dutch Employer of Record

A name is a good place to start, but next to these documents, it should include a copy of an ID document of the applicant from the country of origin.

Step 3: The Dutch Employer of Record will perform a compliance check

To avoid any hiccups in future steps, we will review employment terms and remuneration. This includes minimum wages, applicability of 30% ruling, and more.

Step 4: We’ll make a commitment

Now we would like to formally enter into a partnership where the Dutch Employer of Record will employ your team for you. After this we can start the official procedures.

Step 5: The necessary permits will be applied for at the IND by Dutch Employer of Record

We will use our contacts and status with the IND to submit application(s) for your team members and their dependents (if any). We will help the employees fill in the “Antecedents Certificate”. 

Step 6: Time to collect the MVV* and travel to your destination: The Netherlands

It is time for your team to make the move to The Netherlands, which the MVV allows them to do. To use it they can collect the MVV at the Dutch representation that is filled in on the application form and it will be valid for 90 days.

* Provisional Residence Permit

Step 7: The biometrics of picking up the MVV

When the applicant wants to collect the MVV, their biometrics must have been taken. Furthermore, they’ll have to bring a new passport photo, provide a signature and have their fingerprints taken. 

Step 8: Finding a home away from home

During the process, Dutch Employer of Record helps the applicant with the search for housing in The Netherlands. With access to about 1500-2500 houses annually we’re sure there will be a place the applicant can call home. We’ll help with reaching out to the right parties, filling out forms, and gathering all necessary documents among other things. Generally, these applications require a signed employment contract, but our contacts and track record allow us to expedite this step in the process.

Step 9: Dutch Employer of Record will keep in touch with the IND about the progress of the permits

For this step in the process, a few weeks of lead time are expected. It is and always will be a governmental matter, and those can take some time.

Step 10: Finally Dutch Employer of Record will generate the employment contract after receiving the permits

During the final step in the process the hirer will sign the placement, as well as the employee signing the employment contract. And there it is, you set up your team in The Netherlands!

Let’s get started today

We understand that this whole process may seem a bit intimidating or even cumbersome, but setting up a local permanent establishment is far worse. Rest assured that Dutch Employer of Record is there every step of the way. Would you like some more information on this process or another service that we provide? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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